Wine Hampers

Gifting wine to your friends, relatives and neighbors is a wonderful gift idea that is sure to be appreciated by the wine enthusiast. And the best news is that, wine hampers are highly appreciated no matter what the occasion. This said, perhaps the holiday season (these are always quite special and stand out) is an even better occasion to gift someone with wine hampers.

Then there are those who include a hamper or two when they are throwing a party and have to entertain guests. Maybe it’s a poolside party, or perhaps you have this cute little house beside a lake and want a great time with your friends in the sun. Win hampers allow you to not only decorate around a theme, but organize everything as well.

What can you include in wine hampers?

Normally people include a varied range of items in the hamper but it usually included some cheese, nuts and berries, crisp bread, pastry, chocolates, and of course wine. And the wine can be fit for a connoisseur ranging from deluxe to premium brands or anything else you want. Maybe the guests have a special preference and you thus want to include them.

Wine hampers can also be customized for groups of people based on what they like and prefer. Individual tastes can be taken into consideration. Once you have done this and decided on the sitting arrangements, you can then place the different wine hampers strategically so that they are all within easy reach.

But do keep in mind one thing. You may want to match the food and the other contents of the hamper with the wine that is placed in it. For example, if you are serving white meat, you need to have white wine that accompanies it. So do some research to find out about the right combinations. It might also be a good idea to ask those who are attending the party about their own individual preferences.

Wine Hampers and Picnic Baskets

Wine hampers can also be customized to represent picnic baskets. Include in your gourmet baskets the following – jellies and jams, bread, some vegetables and fruits, nuts and berries, various dips, caviar, smoked salmon, meat, and different types of cheese. And of course the wine of your choice or the one that the guests prefer. These hampers are easy to carry and are thus convenient too. But yes, you need to plan well, whether you are throwing a party or organizing a picnic, otherwise the gusts might not be properly entertained. And if you can do a good job, then surely they are going to complement you on your excellent choice and great organizing skills.

If you are planning a night out, then you may also want to include a few more items in your wine hampers such as some CD that plays the music of choice. And perhaps even some aromatic massage oil to let guests let go and relax.

Truly, wine hampers let you get creative and the options are many as well. You just need to take your time and plan it well.