Wine Clubs

Wine clubs are to be found almost everywhere in the world. Yes there are probably a few more clubs in places where wines are made mostly such as in France, Spain, United States, Australia and in some other countries, but wine clubs are also to be found in all those countries that are traditionally not wine makers.

What Are These Wine Clubs?

Wine clubs are basically a group of people who come together to form an association, the common factor being that they all love wine. It is such a specialized area and the fact that individual tastes and preferences vary greatly from one person to another make knowledge gathering very important.

That is because the wine I like may be something that you do not. And so one advantage of wine clubs is that they try to inform and educate their members on the various types of wines and also the latest offerings in the market. These clubs often organize special classes where experts come to deliver lectures and teach wine enthusiasts. Many wine clubs also organize trips to the wineries themselves so that the members can gain a first hand knowledge about the wine making process.

But there are other advantages too. Not all wine making companies are big, but many small wineries also sometimes make some wonderful products that are worth the taste. Most of these wineries have a low yield and so cannot take their products to the market.

They are also almost always low on resources and cannot even market themselves like the big companies can. Because of this you will not come across products from most of these wineries in the shops. But they are still worth the taste because these wines are intensely flavored.

Wine clubs are in the habit of purchasing such wines directly from such small wineries and then offering them to their members. And these companies are also willing to make their offering because they are saving on their marketing expenses. But more importantly, they are able to make a sale, and that too to a select group of people who are not only enthusiastic but are often wine experts themselves.

Wine Clubs Offer Great Discounts Too

Become a member of a wine club and you can save money too. Yes this is a fact. Wine clubs purchase a large quantity of wines from the makers and thus very often can save money on the buy because the makers offer a special price because of the huge purchases. Plus, since the clubs buy directly from the wineries, they can save the margins of the retailers too.

Once these products are stocked, the wine clubs then pass on the savings to their members and they can thus save money.

So here are some of the reasons why it makes sense to become a member of a wine club.

  • Become a member to know more about wines.
  • Become a member to interact with like minded people.
  • Become a member to taste rare wines.
  • Become a member to save money on your wine purchases.
  • Become a member to participate in wine tours and learn how wines are made.