Rose Wine

Rose, the flower is a symbol of love and purity. While the wine that gets the name of the flower neither symbolizes love, nor purity, but it is nevertheless a wine that stands out from the others and deserves a special mention. Rose wine is a sophisticated and an elegant drink that is worth a serve at deserving gatherings. The name perhaps comes from the color which is red, but actually it is slightly pink and thus not completely a red wine.

At best, it can be termed reddish. However the shades of pink also tend to differ as it is sometimes pale orange and in other occasions almost purple in appearance. The difference in color is due to the inclusion of grapes and its quantities. The color is due to the fact that the wine is made from red grapes.

There is a special treatment made to the grapes to ensure that the color of the wine is pink. After crashing the grapes they are kept in a fermentation tank and the resulting juice gets enriched in alcohol while the temperature is increasing.

Though rose wine’s popularity is quite high, but it needs to be kept in mind that rose wine may not be suitable for one and all. It has often been the case that those who have tried the rose wine have been disappointed with it. This is due to the fact that rose wine is dry and very delicate, particularly the European variety.

But rose wine that is available in America is sweet and it is much like white wine. Rose wine is actually a connoisseur’s delight. But it also needs to be mentioned that the popularity of the rose wine is on the increase now. For example, in recent years, the sale of rose wine has been more than white wines in France.

Often rose wine is also referred to as a summer wine and the best of these are available in USA, Australia, Canada, Spain, France and Portugal.

History of the Red Wine

Rose wine originally came from Bordeaux in France which has been traditionally known for its wine making skills. They first became popular just when the World War 2 ended when there was a demand for a medium sweet drink.

Then came a time in the early 70’s in the United States when the demand for white wines was so high that there was not an adequate supply of white wine making grapes. And so a trend started where the wine makers in the state of California started making white wine from red grapes. However in the year 1976,  in California started to offer a drink that appeared pale pink in color and was made from Cabernet.

But there was a problem in naming this drink as it could not be termed ‘white’ as it looked much darker, and could not also be termed ‘red’ as it was not really red in appearance. And so the term ‘blush wine’ evolved, and to this day, this name is associated with rose wine as well. Though the company has stopped making them, but their popularity has soared over the years.