French Wines

Ever heard of the Californian wine seller, who had posted in his shop-window, “Genuine California Burgundy Available Here. Beware Of French Imitations”. Well, jokes apart, the French are so adept in winemaking that they don’t mind branding their wines with the name of the geographical area where such wines are produced. Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne are examples of such name droppings. But it can be safely stated here, no matter in which part of the country it has been made that French wines are indeed among the very best in the world.

France over the last several hundred years, has been the most influential country in the wine world. With rapid improvement in international transportation system during the last few decades, French wines are regularly shipped to even the remotest parts of the world hitherto inaccessible to international trade. And the home consumption has increased too, as people are more and more inclined to drinking wine in place of consuming other drinks like whisky or gin. Conversely, market shrinkage is raising its alarming head as the ‘New World” country like Australia is becoming competent enough to compete with France in winemaking techniques and exportation to overseas countries.

French wines are today produced in several regions of France on more than 2 million acres of vineyards. The production is about 50 to 60 million hectoliters of wine per year. Most of these are of a regional, rather than a national identity – they are supported by different production methods, grape varieties and classification systems governed region wise. Also, if there is a single factor that is common to most French wines, it is the fact that they have developed as a food complement instead of as “Bar Wines”. French wines are much in demand in luxury hotels that are mushrooming all over the world.

French Wines – Where Are They Grown

Some of the most important wine making French regions include Alsace, which is a place on the eastern side of France, and here mostly white wine is being made, Bordeaux – this place is on the Atlantic coast from where wine has been exported for many years, Bourgogne or Burgundy – a place in the eastern side of France that is renowned for both white and red wine. Some of these wines are regarded as top quality and are sold at very high price all over the world.

Besides, a few of the other premiere regions include Beaujolais in south that is near the Rhone valley where just red wines are being produced, Chablis – a place that is halfway between Cote d’Or and Paris. This is where you will get white wines that are made on chalky soil giving it a more crispy style than the other parts of Burgundy. Close to Luxembourg and Belgium, Champagne is among the coldest regions in France where wine is grown and this place is where some of the most renowned sparkling wines are made.

Wines are made in various parts of the world, but there’s something great about French wines. And so, French wines are highly in demand and have a worldwide demand. If you have not tasted a French wine, you are yet to fully understand the true charm of wine tasting.