Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine, Vin Mousseux is a type of wine that is kept in a container in a bunged form or even in a bottle at 20º C has carbon di Oxide pressure that is more than 3 bar. And it should originate solely from a secondary process of fermentation from a still based wine only after the liqueur has been added.

However do keep in mind that the process of fermentation is allowed to occur only in a vessel or a bottle that is closed. Also, sparkling wines should be only aged in a winery that is making it and that too for a minimum period of time that has been decided before the beginning of the secondary fermentation process.

One of the finest examples of sparkling wines is the heart warming Champagne that is made in the French region of Champagne by the méthode champenoise. Champagne is also probably the most well known and popular wine in the world and it is associated with special events and celebrations.

However since 1994, all sparkling wines apart from Champagne that is created in this way cannot use the méthode champenoise term, and instead have been made to go for the méthode traditionelle term. Also, the term Champagne is reserved exclusively for effervescent wines that are produced in the Champagne region.

Although champagne is a classic example that says a lot about sparkling wines, the truth is, there are many other varieties of sparkling wines that are made in countries other than France. For example, Asti that is in Italy, Cava that is in Spain and Cap Classic are all sparkling wines. Even in France, sparkling wines that are made elsewhere are known as “Cremant”. However, “Champagne” as a word has been popular for all sparkling wines in many areas of the globe. In other words, it has grown to be recognized as a generic industry term.

Recent US regulations in this context are rather quite clear and it requires the name of the appellation to appear alongside the generic name (Champagne) to prevent consumer confusion. Most US sparkling wine producers can thus no more market their products as “champagne’ but are quite happy to brand their products as simple “Sparkling Wine”. This has made buying them for the consumer a bit easier too.

According to quite a few knowledgeable wine traders in the market, the old world charm of Champagne has been gradually wearing out as more and more attractive varieties of sparkling wines has been made available in the world markets. This is a trend that is being seen the world over. And so, the days may not be too far away, when the dear old Champagne will no longer stir hearts as it has done for so long.

Will that be a good day when Champagne loses its charm? Only time can say. While old timers will surely miss out on the Champagne magic, the younger generation will have a reason to rejoice with the arrival of so many varieties of sparkling wines.

The sparkling wine is truly all set of sparkle even more.